lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

Chapter 9.

When Daisy and Gatsby ran away from New York, Daisy was so confused but she realized that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Gatsby.
At the same time they were coming from New York, Myrtle and Wilson were having some personal problems. Wilson realized that Myrtle was cheating him with Tom, so Wilson locked Myrtle in his house. As soon as Myrtle could get out of the house, she saw a yellow car, inside there was Daisy, she was driving and she didn’t realized what was going on. So Gatsby helped Daisy not to hit with Myrtle, both with a freaky movement moved away FROM the road and didn’t crash with Myrtle.
Myrtle didn’t see who was driving the car, but she could see the color of this car, yellow. Myrtle told his experience to Tom, when she said the color of the car, Tom immediately realized that was Gatsby’s car and he was with Daisy. He tried to think about where they could be. He thought about some farms, some cities. Tom decided to look for Daisy and Gatsby in many places where he thought but they weren’t there.

On the way, Gatsby and Daisy had planned their life, they decided about having a little farm in the south east of Canada. There Gatsby could continue with the market of selling illegal alcohol, but first Gatsby had to tell Daisy. A week later Gatsby had the courage to tell Daisy about his past and his job. Daisy thought that it wasn’t the perfect job for someone, although she accepted it and thought that could be a great for some generations.
The years passed, Daisy and Gatsby continued being happy, rich they had their children in the South East of Canada and Daisy forgave Tom and her past with him.

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