lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Soliloquy: What does the future hold for us?

I think about the future and I don't have any idea about what carreer I will choose. I imagine me in a enormous and very original house, with all the amazing things that I love. I also think  about my dreams of flying all around the world, knowing many exciting places like London, Sydney, Tokio, etc; that would be wonderful. But I think about all that things and, how can I make a living? I am scared about the future, about what I will do with my life, if I will have a good life or not, how can  I know thats things?
However, I always think about the end of the world, what if the world continued being like this and the poles melted, so all the people would die. All my dreams would be ruined. I would die without making it real although  I have hope of living my life without risks, I don't  care about the things that people said in tv or in newspaper or in magazines. Despite all that, I am a little bit scared about it.
I think about technology, about cars that will fly, mechanic stairs taht you can go to many places, time machines, and many other things of stories that could not be real but in the future could happen.

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